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Group Brainwave Trainings

“I learned to control my depth of meditation as well as how to heal self in meditation. I expect this will help me clear issues, instill qualities I want and let me be happier and more productive in life.”

K.O.K., spiritual hypnotist, New York City

“I loved this class. Learning to go deeper with my meditations has been very transforming. I had some very powerful revelations, insights and healings. Thank you, Judith.”

Betty Hendrickson, massage therapist, Long Island

“Being able to feel and understand (at a basic level) the meditative state enables me to continue my own practice. This is obviously very important as I want to develop healing and psychic energies and abilities. I now have an understanding and knowing of where to go for answers and how to get there.”

John P., telecommunications engineer Fairview, New Jersey

“It was not just uplifting and informative, but at times downright fun! I have meditated for many years (since 1977) ‘off and on.’ And so was the quality of my meditations, mostly ‘off.’ I had no real training. I needed someone like you to guide me and to make me realize the high value of meditation. From now on (I hope), I‘ll be doing it right, and I feel very hopeful. I also enjoyed the group very, very much.”

Edith Baumann, retired teacher and translator Cliffside Park, New Jersey

“I wanted a reality check on where I stand in terms of my integration of lower and higher self and spiritual development. Working with brainwaves gave me a few very pleasant surprises! I also came away with some insights into current difficulties in everyday life. Great experience! I will be back for the next group training workshop with Judith.”

E.H., translator, New York City

“Your group training gave me confidence in practicing meditation, motivated me to practice meditation to solve problems with depression and my physical health, and will assist me in making my life much more meaningful so that I can achieve my full potential.”

F.C., Bronx, New York

“Judith was a knowledgeable and compassionate instructor, giving close attention to each individual. I learned a lot of ways to deepen my regular (almost daily) meditations. The use of landmarks will help me to quickly enter states of deep meditation.”

Phil Pawlak, New York City

“Our class (Group Brainwave Training 2) was four in number. The stories told the first night set the stage for the work ahead. Each of us was at a major crossroad, looking and hoping for healing of all that had gone before and guidance for the next segment. Spirit had given us perfect tools in the previous class for coming to this point. The work was intense, but Judith was with us every step of the way. She adjusts and incorporates new insights or perspectives and presents them without so much as a bump in the road. It is a joy to see this process and very reassuring. Everyone left with the tools they sought for a new life, needing only to do the work. Judith is an incredible gift. I am grateful indeed for all she brings to the table.”

Phyllis Vorhauer, Holmes, Pa.

“The brainwaves class was wonderful, fantastic, uplifting, enlightening, eye-opening. There are not enough words to describe my experience at the group training. The people who attended were exactly what I needed to help me grow! I know what I need to work on, and I look forward to seeing more expansion in my brainwaves.”

Paula Hero, Bethlehem, Pa.

"I was able to go deeply within and expand far beyond my current self to connect with the Creator's wisdom, love and Light. No one else teaches this, much less with as much clarity and compassion as Judith."

Sylvia Chappell, writer, New York City

"I received an answer to a question I have been contemplating for over ten years. Judy has a profound gift that enables her to guide others and open the door to higher consciousness and a more meaningful life. Thank you!"

Carole Shanahan, retired legal secretary, New York City

"I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I learned how to keep the 'bridge' open; therefore, I was able to stay present and participate in the experience. I also got several insights into some blockages which I believe I have overcome. Thank you!"

Carol Ann Knight, New York City

"Often in meditation practice, I would experience the inability to access information and recall. The key techniques that made a profound impact for me were sensualization and landmarks. This was a profoundly illuminating process which has provided me tools that I can use for a lifetime."

L.R., New York City

"This has been an amazing experience! I achieved a level of meditation that I've never achieved before. I know I will take what I learned into my daily life to forgive myself and others, and to be one with the infinite. Sounds contrived, but it is heart-filling and wholeness-creating. Thank you, Judith!"

MaryAnne Haarhaus, high school teacher, New York City

"This was a wonderful confirmation of meditation techniques I've been doing for 15 years. It's leading me in the right direction…the inner vistas of being and knowledge will hopefully stay with me forever. This class is the leading edge of consciousness research, through direct experience."

M.N., antiques dealer, Long Island, New York

"I learned a way to expand in meditation without going so far that I had no consciousness of myself! Judith is well-versed! She is a loving, kind and patient teacher. She explains things clearly."

K.O.K., spiritual hypnotist, New York City

"What I liked best was Judith's voice and the guided meditations. I received insights into issues and answers to questions, and the ability to continue to do so."

Richard Ottens, interior designer, New York City

"The weekend was wonderfully informing! I feel I've gotten a much better sense of what my meditation experiences mean and a map of where I want to go. It was validating and mind-expanding and has also give me the motivation I needed to return to a meditation practice. The retreat also showed me what kind of meditation will be most helpful for me. Judy and Steven are fun and caring hosts. I feel very blessed to have spent this time with them and the group learning and experiencing a deeper self of sense and community."

Meg Heilman, Brant Lake, New York

"Judith's presentation and command of the subject matter are seamless. Her energy and manner are gentle, generous, encompassing, encouraging, thorough and fun. She did not numb us with science or get preachy or maudlin about meditation. Everyone was fully engaged in the process and glad we were there. We felt heard and able to respond comfortably from our own perspectives. New levels of awareness and understanding were gained by all. No one went home disappointed.

Judith has obviously walked this road herself as the protégé of Anna Wise, the creator of this technique, and if this weekend's program is any indication, she is the perfect person to bring it forward to the world.

My personal experiences in the meditations and material given will keep me busy for some time. This class makes me feel a great and wondrous healing is taking place and that I am protected in its unfoldment as long as I do the work. A fundamental change has taken place. I pray to integrate all the components and keep the ball rolling."

Phyllis Vorhauer, Philadelpha, Pa.

"Thank you for a wonderful weekend and for the work you do! Your work is so important to the world. Personally, it's very helpful for me to know that I'm reaching an Awakened Mind state in meditation, even though I don't usually feel that I have profound experiences in meditation."

Rob Schwartz, author, Cleveland, Ohio

"I have no words that could truly express my gratitude for the amazing weekend we experienced with you! For me, it was profound. I am following your suggestions and I have to say, I feel different. I now know that I am One with my God, higher self, and that we will walk the rest of my journey together. I am looking forward to studying with you again. Thank you for your love and service."

Diane Storti, teacher, Vorhees, New Jersey

"What I liked best about the workshop was its depth and quality, and that it was wisdom-provoking and inspiring. I have a greater sense of understanding, certainty and divine sanctuary. Establishment of sustained depth of presence. Judith is truly a wisdom teacher with great skill."

J.S., psychotherapist, Santa Fe, New Mexico

"This presentation validated for me that meditating with the Light/God is the most important thing I can do to heal myself. This validation means I can transform my life. What else can one ask for, but this knowledge?"

Ingrid Daggett, retired psych R.N., Brookhaven, Pa.

"I appreciated your kind and gentle spirit, Judy, and the way you explained the concepts. I felt like a valuable part of the group, despite being less experienced in meditation than others. I was able to benefit by getting in touch with deep aspects of myself and gaining a wonderful reconnection with Divine Love and Light. Thank you!"

Sara E., social worker, Nazareth, Pa.

"The meditations themselves delved deeper than I have reached on an individual basis. I felt confirmation on concepts in far greater detail than I have experienced, perhaps ever. I hope that they manifest in my life and I can hold on to the experience."

Jennifer Cleary, psychologist, Allentown, Pa.

"The workshop exceeded my expectations. I was expecting an overwhelming introduction to brain "lore" and research; however, I came away with the opportunity to find my own "lore" – my own stories. I was both the researcher and the source of knowledge this weekend. Thank you, Judy!"

Lillian Pailen, Waldorf, Maryland

"The brainwave training was very significant and enlightening for me. I loved everything about the weekend. In fact, I would even say that I am a different person now. I certainly feel lighter and more centered. Thank you for providing your insights. It was truly appreciated."

Lauren DeNoma., Berkeley Heights, N.J.

"I'm happy and proud to say that I've been meditating regularly and cannot even begin to express how much the weekend retreat helped me and still resonates with me each and every day. I thank you so much for that."

Christina Paulinho, Berkeley Heights, N.J.

"The weekend validated some advancement in my brainwaves to a sustainable awakened mind pattern. This retreat gave me more technical knowledge of the process. I also received some good insights into how to move forward from here to deepen my self-awareness."

T.E.C., associate chaplain Nesquahoning, Pa.

"You had so many interesting people there, and you always will, because they are called to you. What you talk and teach is profound. It meant the world to me. You are creating, teaching and awakening people by your every move. I got to see that firsthand."

B.B., eye microsurgeon, New York

"Judith was an excellent facilitator and guide!" "I enjoyed Judith Pennington's many talents. She was so professional and accommodating to a very inquisitive and demanding group. I learned several skills to deepen my meditations." "Fantastic instructor, who was a substitute for Anna Wise." (Esalen Institute seminar, June 2009)

About Private Sessions with Hypnosis

"What a fabulous experience your hypnotherapy was for me today! I learned more about myself and my life than I ever expected to. Thank you for taking me into deep and deeper levels of my subconscious and deep inner knowing. I am still amazed at what I learned. I feel much more confident about my life, and the directions in which all my careers and projects are going. Thank you, thank you."

Tani K., meditation teacher

"I have been wanting to email or call, and now on Thanksgiving, I need to let you know how grateful I am for our session two weeks ago. All of my anger is gone, and I do not get upset about the issue we worked on. I am doing so much better, and have not been depressed, and am starting to clarify what type of work I really want. I am still overwhelmed at the success of our session. Thanksgiving reminds me of so many people I am grateful for, and you, in particular. Blessings, always, with love included."

Jeannie S., minister

"I came into our session carrying a dilemma with a recent trauma. I discovered I was easily hypnotized and in a short period of time, with powerful suggestions, was able to tap into my highest self's knowing what was happening in the relationship. As usual, the awkward interpersonal event took on new meaning and has allowed me to fully shift my energy around it. It was really about owning a new direction for me."

Paula Michael-Johnson, Reiki master