Nothing soothes and benefits us like the calm, still waters of meditation, whether we luxuriate in feelings of bliss or actively seek answers to questions, issues and challenges. As the mind sheds emotional baggage, it grows quiet, lucid and clear. The body does the same.

You will feel this happening during your private session, as you experience the wisdom of your subconscious mind in a meditation created especially for you. The choices are a brainwave profile or a deep-state meditation geared to self-discovery, healing, transformation or all three.

Private sessions last two hours, including the hook-up, a 25- to 45- minute guided meditation, discussion of your experience, shared review of your hand-drawn and computer-recorded brainwave patterns, and recommendations for further development. Some people book a double session to work on and resolve multiple issues.

Watching your brainwave patterns in real time allows Judith to efficiently guide you to your subconscious for insights and the inner sense of certainty that will enable you to move forward with assurance. During a peak meditation or awakened mind brainwave pattern, you will create a landmark (shortcut) that will help you reinvoke that state later to further develop on your own.

How long it takes to fully awaken your mind depends on where you are to begin with and your level of commitment to meditation and the path of self-mastery and consciousness development. You will find consciousness expansion to be an exciting adventure. Opening the mind and more fully awakening to self, others and the spirit expands our awareness, improves brain function, and heals the body, mind and spirit.

See How It Works for details on the hook-up and meditations. Visit the Sanctuary of for a musical journey tracing the higher road to consciousness expansion. Click on Listen to a Guided Meditation to enter the temple of your spirit, meditate on joy, and create a mantra for silent meditation. Email Judith with any questions about biofeedback meditation or to book a session. If you wish to join a Group Brainwave Training, read on.